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 alpacas & fiber farming 


 Vermont is well known for it's dairy & beef cattle farms, but did you know there are also quite a few fiber farms in Vermont, as well?  Fiber farms raise animals such as alpaca, sheep, fiber goats, etc. for the production & use of their fiber.


We chose alpacas, due to their beauty, gentle nature & luxurious fleeces! They are shorn annually & can produce 5-10 pounds of fleece (fiber) per animal, per year. Think of all the yarn one alpaca can make! 


Our 18th century farmhouse & barn were built circa 1790. As you can imagine, many have worked the land in various ways over decades & centuries. Some of the earliest farmers here raised sheep & planted apple trees, many of which still produce delicious apples hundreds of years later!

We started our farming venture with chickens, ducks & a few gardens. Over the years, alpacas were added to the farm family, as well as many more gardens and a seasonal "glampground"& wedding venue. 

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